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360 Branding

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Branding takes a commitment to a core value from the entire organization, which needs to echo throughout the organization – whether if it’s product quality, level of customer service, efficiency of distribution, or Marketing & Design materials.

With INTEX, it was all about “Fun with friends and family.” In order to appeal this value from the design side, I tasked our Design Departments to first and foremost improve lifestyle image library, that could be used across all Marketing materials – packages, online or offline catalogs, advertisements, store POPs, websites, social media, client presentations, etc.


For a lifestyle brand like INTEX, a library of great images was crucial in executing a successful 360 program. These images were used throughout a variety of medias, and enhanced consumer impressions by portraying a range of mood and emotions.

Digital Images

Sometimes, digitally created images are far more efficient than setting up enormous photo shoots, especially with larger and heavier products that would require a tremendous amount of production effort to achieve the perfect look with correct details.

Other useful digital images are technical images for illustrating technology.


The audience is expecting more and more videos. These videos are not only useful for social media, but also for websites, trade shows, client presentations, product instructions, and more.

Social Media

Many of the existing library of images and videos could translate directly into social media. But then there are images and videos that could and should be produced specifically for social media. Depending on who the audience is and what platform is being used, these would vary.


A newsletter is an effective way to keep brand connection with the customers. Much unlike traditional advertising, there are people who want to be informed – things like special offers, product information, and helpful tips.

Product Campaigns

At Intex, we didn’t spend our budget on traditional advertising. But we mostly took a more 360 approach, using mediums such as brand and product videos, short online commercials, and social media. We combined that with our PR effort to get our word out.

We also used this approach for successful product launches.


A principal function of a good package is to attract and create interest. Then it needs to clearly communicate key unique features at the same time while strengthening the brand presence.

Trade Shows

A trade show is not only a good opportunity to meet and greet prospective buyers, it is a place where to expand the network, and even create more fans. The brand, as well as its products, need to be represented in the best light possible.


We might be seeing the last days of the printed catalogs. Perhaps the biggest value in having experience in producing them now, is to understand the complexity of organizing a large volume of information, possible through a collaboration of many disciplined people.