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Digital Images

As technology becomes more powerful, digitally generated images become more efficient and amazing. At Intex, digital art proved to be essential to communicate superior science over the competitors, while also time and cost-saving when working with oversized products.

Technical Illustrations

Intex was arguably the most innovative company in the category, constantly introducing new technologies that were followed by others. It became increasingly important to illustrate these superior performance with illustrations and videos.

Above Ground Pools

A 32-foot pool holds over 14,000 gallons of water. Preparing such a pool alone can take half-a-day at rented locations, proving to be time and labor-intensive. When there were over 150 of pool combinations, it was quite logical to create these imageries digitally.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Although much smaller than most pools, a 4-person hot tub easily holds over 200 gallons of water. Once you fill a tub, that tub isn’t going anywhere until the water is drained completely. Here too, it proved to be efficient when there were over 30 types of such products.

Air Mattresses

Intex carried easily over 100 types of air mattresses at any given moment. Many of them changed or got updated yearly, too. Having a controlled template allowed for swift updates. Here are some examples of illustrations we generated specifically for Target.