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I think of a logo more like a flag than an illustration. Often, people try to have a logo say too much, making it too complicated, and therefore difficult for people to remember, and as a result, blend with all the other millions of logos in the world. A logo should be unique and simple, so that it’s easy to use in different applications at various sizes and formats, and still remain recognizable.

Above, a logo was created for MGM, where a simple hook was a bias toward the Western direction.

More examples, from top left to bottom right: 1) Fallon was a conglomerate of hospitals coming together in New England. 2) Sometimes the answer is already there. This was an homage to Paul Rand who created the Rebus logos for IBM years ago. 3) West Wing at MGM Grand. 4) A lightbulb went off for an IBM Trade Show that was titled, “Solutions for a small planet.” 5) An unconventional business card for Fire Station Agency. 6) A cubist & modernist artist Fernand Léger’s exhibition. 7) Hertz Underground Theatre. 8) A trade show concept for Saturn Cars.