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One of the principal function of a good package design is to attract and create interest. But that is not enough when you have a variety of products in your product line — you want to readily communicate key features, and you want to provide clear distinctions, all at the same time, strengthening your brand presence and cohesion at the store. You really need a good plan.

Tell a story, fast

How quickly can you communicate vital information? Here, it says this air pump is powered by USB, and it’s incredibly portable. Strong and simple visuals are the key to success.

Not just a box

A good packaging is way more than just a box (and often, it’s not even a box). With the rise of online purchases and growing public awareness for sustainability, the concerns for fewer raw materials and easier recycling, while still securely protecting the product through rugged shipments, all the while promoting brand values, are more important than ever.

Examples from top left to bottom right: 1) Foley Estates Wines 2) INTEX Mini USB Air Pump 3) PureSpa Plus Inflatable Hot Tub 4) INTEX Sunset Glow Kids Pool 5) INTEX Mega Flamingo Float 6) INTEX Swing Set 7) AquaFlow Kids Goggles 8) TruAire PVC-Free Camping Mat