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Video Marketing

In the swipe-left-and-swipe-right world, the audience is expecting more and more videos. Generally, the shorter the better. Even six-second campaigns have been proven to be effective. But here are some of the “longer” videos:

Excursion Pro Kayaks

The Excursion Pro Kayaks quickly ascended to be some of the best-sellers in all of North America (including the traditional hard shell kayaks). A great product definitely was the key, but quick videos showing the main benefits accelerated the sales.

From this video, we were also able to create super quick s 6-second bursts that helped the entire campaign, too.

USB Air Mattress

This video was used to launch the first USB-powered air mattress, which allowed you to get a comfortable rest, just about anywhere.

PBR Inflatabull

The Inflatabull was one of the most fun and successful pool toy, ever. We created several videos to help the launch, and continued sales. Although I have to admit, this little video here with a certain celeb did make a much more significant impact.