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Phil Mimaki is a creative director, who sharpened his skills as a designer and an art director at major advertising agencies. Trusted to run a design and marketing department, he was instrumental in developing a large-scale international marketing program at Intex Recreation. Here you can explore a wide-range of work he has involved himself in over the years, including websites, social media, e-commerce, catalogs, logos, packaging, trade shows, tv and video production, newsletters, and advertising.

360 Branding

A 360 Marketing Strategy that could be translated into different languages and cultures — this is what Phil worked on at Intex.


Explore the beautiful and useful


Stay relevant in the ever-changing landscape


Don’t try to bore people into buying things

Product Development

Understanding design, features, benefits, uses, and other details.

Marketing in Japan

Japan is a unique market. They have high expectations for quality, but are loyal to brands. Marketing there could be challenging and rewarding at the same time.

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Phil’s work has been recognized through a number of prestigious awards.

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Work History

From a small company of 2 to a large company with tens of thousands.

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Just some random tidbits about Phil for the curious, if you dare.